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Which is better to use: mobile or stationary stone crushing line

zkj/ Release time : 2023-02-27

At present, stone crushing production line mainly adopts two kinds then: fixed crushing and screening production line and mobile stone production line. So how to choose the mobile production line and fixed production line? The following explains the differences and advantages and disadvantages of the two.

Which is better, mobile production line or fixed production line? Fixed production line is a more traditional production method, mobile aggregate production line is the new production method in recent years, some people say, since the new production method has appeared, so the traditional fixed production line is not the line, in fact, it is not so, they have their own advantages, suitable for the user is a good production line.

Fixed production line advantages.

Fixed stone crushing line

Fixed stone crushing line

1. Fixed production line production line configuration flexibility, crushing ratio, high production efficiency, large capacity, according to production needs with the design of high capacity production line. It is mainly used in the manufacturers where the stones are more gathered and the sales of goods are more stable.

2. More convenient maintenance operation mode, compared to mobile production line equipment maintenance is easy, wearing parts color with the current high strength wear-resistant materials, small loss, long service life, can bring considerable economic benefits for customers.

3. Suitable for crushing and processing of various hardness rocks such as limestone, basalt, granite, cobblestone, etc. The crushed finished products are cubic in shape, with good granularity and low needle flake content, which provides qualified aggregate for higher highway, railroad, water conservancy, concrete mixing plant and other industries.

Advantages of mobile production line.

Mobile Stone Crushing Line

Mobile Stone Crushing Line

1. Convenient and flexible, the production site is not restricted: mobile crusher does not need preliminary foundation construction, equipment installation and other complex work. It can be put into production after installation and commissioning, which can quickly establish temporary and periodic crushing production line, avoiding the tedious preliminary planning and construction cycle of the fixed type, and fully enhance the utilization rate of the equipment.

2. Mobile and flexible, near production: The near processing mode of mobile crushing production line eliminates the transportation costs incurred in the process of sand and gravel material transfer. In response to the increasingly strict environmental protection policy, it can effectively avoid the secondary pollution caused by the transfer process.

3. High degree of automation: it can monitor the working status of the equipment and install the protection device, which can monitor and protect the equipment in real time to ensure higher safety of the equipment.

Mobile stone crushing plant is equivalent to a small mobile stone production line, with small footprint and low requirements for production environment, suitable for small and medium output environmental protection production.

So, which is better, mobile stone production line or fixed stone production line? Mobile sand making machine than fixed sand production line in the operation of more reduced space, time, can better adapt to the needs of the transfer, while the fixed production line for a wider range of materials, higher output, the specific choice of which users also need to combine their actual situation to determine.

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