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Environmental protection mill equipment types, environmental protection mill with what conditions

zkj/ Release time : 2023-02-27

In recent years, the country has become increasingly strict in environmental protection. People also pay more and more attention to environmental protection, green production operations, become a trend. At the same time this also makes it an important indicator of the processing manufacturing industry. Environmental protection of the mill, has become a popular field. Green mountain is the silver mountain. Leave the green hills in, not afraid of no firewood. Environmental protection is indeed fundamental to long-term development.

How can you tell if the mill you buy is an environmentally friendly mill? In general, we need to look at two points.

1. whether equipped with dust removal device (dust pollution)

When buying a machine you can judge by the structure of the mill. The exhaust system and dust collector are important auxiliary equipment. If the exhaust system is good and the dust removal equipment is advanced, the dust pollution will be lower during the production process, and it is easier to meet the standards of environmental protection.

2. Whether to configure noise reduction facilities (noise pollution)

Noise will be generated during the operation of the mill, and the unstable operation of the equipment may also generate noise, so it will be much better to choose equipment with relatively stable operation. And the use of sound insulation room soundproof cover to close the equipment, will also reduce noise, easier to meet the noise emission standards.

What are the environmental protection mills?

One, Raymond mill (mainly used in calcium carbonate crushing processing, power plant desulfurization, non-metallic mineral powder making, gypsum powder processing, coal powder preparation and other fields)

Environmentally friendly Raymond mill

Environmentally friendly Raymond mill

1, the environmental protection of this equipment is very strong, we are equipped with a professional dust collector around the equipment motor, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, more conducive to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

2, high efficiency, low resistance arc duct design, reduce the import smooth resistance, conducive to material dispersion, not easy to block the material, so it meets the user's needs in terms of output and capacity.

3, high degree of automation, can realize unmanned operation. Safety and reliability are strong, and the service life is long.

Second, vertical roller mill (mainly used in dry mortar, concrete mixing plant, power plant desulfurization, quartz sand, sand and gravel quarries, etc.)1. Small body, multi-function. It integrates crushing, drying, grinding, classifying and conveying. And it can be applied to the grinding of raw material and clinker, and it can be used as pre-milling equipment to make the subsequent mill increase production and energy saving.

Environmentally friendly vertical grinding mill

Environmentally friendly vertical grinding mill

2. High environmental protection standard. The equipment runs stably and with low vibration and noise. The overall sealing, no dust spillage, clean environment, emission standards far exceed the international.

3. Simple operation. With automatic control system, remote control and local control can be realized in two modes, free to switch.

European version of the mill (mainly used in the preparation of environmental protection limestone desulfurizer in power plants, large non-metallic ore powder, heavy calcium carbonate processing, solid fuel grinding, building materials and chemical industry, etc.)

Environmentally friendly European version of the mill

Environmentally friendly European version of the mill

1. Basically, it can realize dust-free operation in the workshop. Unique air self-circulation system, low dust emission. The production line can be equipped with pulse dust collector, with high dust removal efficiency. Dust emission concentration is completely lower than the national environmental protection regulations.

2. Adjustable and controllable particle size of finished products, high efficiency of powder selection. Adopt frequency conversion type powder selecting machine, the speed is more accurate, effectively improve the efficiency and precision of powder selecting.

3. Humanized design, easy to operate. Adopt start-up control technology to ensure reliable operation of the equipment.

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