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How to treat steel slag, can steel slag be reused after crushing and sand making

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-22

Steel slag is a misplaced resource, often discarded as waste, but it is a byproduct of the steelmaking process, made of silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur and other impurities in pig iron, oxidized during the melting process, as well as these oxides and solvent reaction generated by the salts, can be used as a secondary resource for comprehensive use, so steel slag can be used to make sand? Is it possible to do can replace sand for concrete?

Steel slag sand can be used?

Steel slag sand making can be used, although it is the waste slag produced in metallurgical industry, but due to the characteristics of steel slag, after processing by sand making machine, with multi-angle, rough and porous particle surface, with honeycomb-shaped fine steel slag particles, in the climate, environmental changes or other materials, steel slag sand has strong resistance to compression, good crushing ability, and its performance also meets the standard of sand for construction projects.

And the production rate is 8-15% of crude steel production, at present, with the rapid development of the steel industry, the amount of steel slag produced is also increasing rapidly, therefore, the treatment and resource utilization of steel enterprise waste slag is also getting more and more attention, steel slag sand making can not only eliminate environmental pollution, but also turn waste into treasure and create economic benefits, which is an effective way of sustainable development, and the state also strongly supports it.

Steel slag crushing and sand making

Steel slag crushing and sand making

Can steel slag replace sand to make concrete?

Steel slag is able to replace sand for concrete, because it has the advantages of high strength, rough surface, good wear resistance, durability, large volume, good stability, strong bonding with asphalt, etc., compared to ordinary sand also has the characteristics of low temperature cracking resistance, in addition, the use of steel slag sand and blast furnace powder mutual excitability, adding the appropriate exciter, can be formulated high-performance concrete cementing materials.

Meanwhile, according to different usage requirements, it can also formulate road concrete (wear-resistant, bending-resistant, seepage-resistant), marine concrete (good seepage, drainage, high adhesion rate of marine organisms) and other series of products.

What equipment is used for steel slag sand making?

The main use is to process steel slag with different particle sizes into construction sand of 0.25-0.5mm. From the whole production process, it can not be completed by one equipment alone, it needs to be completed with multiple machines, usually need to go through crushing, grinding, grading and other links, but also need to combine the size of raw materials, discharge requirements, production, and consider the site situation, footprint, investment budget and other aspects, these problems Henan Liming Heavy Industry can help you solve the problem, we have senior engineers for each customer We have senior engineers for each customer to tailor-made programs.

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