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What steps are required for the production of clean coal powder? Recommended coal mill manufacturers?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-02-13

Coal is the main energy source in China, and it is the existence of coal that strongly guarantees the rapid development of China's economy and society. In this environment of vigorously advocating energy conservation and emission reduction, the implementation of clean and efficient utilization of coal has been urgent. The relevant institutions testing proved that the thermal efficiency of clean pulverized coal boilers as well as the emission indicators are comparable with natural gas boilers, especially in the case of clean pulverized coal combustion adequately, clean pulverized coal boilers are even more environmentally friendly than natural gas boilers.

LM Vertical Mill

LM Vertical Mill

There are two processes for preparing clean coal powder, namely "one-step" and "two-step".

One-step clean coal powder preparation process.

The raw coal is screened by the lattice screen and then transferred to the belt conveyor, where it is removed from the iron by the electromagnetic separator and then transported to the coal bin for storage. The screened coal powder is evenly conveyed to LM Vertical Mill for drying and grinding, the unqualified coarse coal powder is ground again, and the qualified coal powder is collected by the dust collector with the airflow. The debris in the raw coal such as some gangue and metal pieces are excluded from the mill through the air ring and slag spitting.

Two-step clean coal powder preparation process.

The system adopts the principle of independent operation of drying and pulverizing, drying first and then pulverizing.

The raw coal is transferred to the belt conveyor after being screened by the lattice screen, and then transported to the coal bin for storage after removing iron by the electromagnetic iron remover. The hot air or exhaust gas from the hot blast furnace, under the pumping of the system fan, enters MTW European Trapezium Mill. After full heat exchange with the raw coal being ground in the mill, it brings up the coal powder for sorting at the separator, and the coarse coal powder with unqualified fineness falls back to the mill for grinding, and the qualified coal powder enters the explosion-proof air box pulse dust collector with the airflow to be collected and discharged into the coal powder bin through the grating wheel. In the whole process, CO-O2 online analysis system is set, and when processing coal with high volatility, safety measures such as nitrogen protection and CO2 automatic fire extinguishing system can be set.

Liming Heavy Industry's clean coal pulverizer preparation system can adopt the form of EPC project turnkey, in addition to the host equipment, at the same time to provide users with program design, installation and commissioning, personnel training, after-sales technical support and other supporting services. Help you to improve the quality of the project, you only need to understand the construction progress, greatly reducing the unnecessary consumption of energy and financial resources.

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