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The causes and solutions of rattling in the work of grinding equipment

zkj/ Release time : 2023-06-29

Grinding industry friends should pay attention to the grinding machine to make a strange noise, this is a machine failure. Sometimes the mill will appear "stuck" "holding dead" problem, that appears when this situation how to solve it? This article will give you a detailed explanation of the causes and treatment methods.

The grinding machine makes a strange noise, must pay attention to, this is a machine failure

The reason for the strange sound from the mill:

The common grinding equipment on the market are,European version of the mill, vertical mill, ultra-fine vertical mill, suspension mill, Raymond mill, etc., the reasons for the noise can be roughly divided into several categories, the mill in the process of running the cavity noise may be due to the crushing cavity mixed with high-strength substances, such as screws and other parts, super hard impurities, etc., or impurities in the material before feeding, resulting in the mill to make a strange noise. .

grinding mill make a strange noise how to solve:

Once in the production process to make a strange noise, must be the first time to stop to investigate the cause, take out the high-strength substances, and take preventive measures, feeding before checking whether there are foreign objects in the material, so as not to delay production, resulting in economic losses.

Grinding Mill

Grinding Mill

What to do if the mill is "stuck" or "stuck"

The reason for the "jamming" and "holding" of the mill:

We usually use the mill most of the bearings, there are bearing parts may appear stuck phenomenon, in general the problem of stuck, is related to the lubrication and sealing of the bearing, if the equipment has this problem, may be because the bearing lack of oil or bearing parts into the powder, powder and oil mixed in a piece of the bearing does not turn the circle, there will be a stuck holding situation.

How to deal with "jamming" and "holding" in the mill:

The mill appears "stuck" "holding" on this you are recommended to first add lubricating oil to sit up, regular cleaning of foreign bodies and impurities in the bearing cavity, in order to increase the bearing clearance, to ensure that the bearing can be flexible operation, while in the process of grinding production ah, but also To kind of good habits of timely maintenance of the equipment, pay attention to the existence of oil leakage, in order to ensure the high efficiency of the grinding mill work.

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